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The Urheimat of the Nostratic Languages

The Relationship of the Altaic and Turkic languages. Origin and development.

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            My name is Valentyn Stetsyuk. I am a Soviet Army Lieutenant Colonel, retired. After my dismission I moved to the city of Lviv and here since 1987 worked in samizdat editions "Yevshan-Zilla" and "Kafedra". I was one of the founding members of the Ukrainian Association of Independent Creative Intelligentsia (Ukrainian – UANTI), and now, continuing UANTI traditions, carry out independent research in historical linguistics and ethnology. Mathematical linguistics, geography, archeology, mythology, onomastology, ethnography are combined into one project "Alternative Historical Linguistics" as a form of multidisciplinary approach to the study of complex problems of ethnogenesis at prehistoric times. The results of these studies go beyond the strict limits of indoctrination, developed on the basis of selective or limited evidence by academic science driven often by interest distorting the moral basis of society. Following the publication of my first work describing the used by me graphic-analytical method in the journal "Proceedings of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. A series of literature and language" № 1 for 1987 I was refused in subsequent publications, and in 1991 an article of A. F Zhuravlev "To the Problem of Settlement of Ancient Slavs. (About so called "Graphical-analytical method") was published in the journal "Questions of Linguistics" № 2. Without a doubt, it was needed some explanation of academic science about its treatment to my research, which caused, presumably, interest among linguists. In that article, graphic-analytical method has been strongly criticized in a sophisticated, mocking tone, degrading not such me but the author himself as a serious scholar as he was supposed to be. Journal "Questions of Linguistics" refused me the opportunity to respond to unfair criticism of A.F. Zhuravlev, and the fact that in many years this article was posted as one among the few in the Slavic Languages Section of Russian Philology Site suggest that the attitude of the official Russian Science to my works has not changed so far. By applying the critical article, the editors of the Russian Internet publication did not bother to apply also the object of criticism. It is an example of a typical Soviet authoritarian thinking. The things are differently in the democratic world . For comparison, the site The Linguist List (International Linguistics Community Online) of the East Michigan University put all my stuff sent there. Remembering the attitude of Soviet science to genetics, cybernetics, and even the comparative-historical linguistics, stigmatized in due time as "pseudoscience", it can be concluded that conservatism, or, rather, retrograde was included in the tradition of official Russian science. "Fairness" for it should be noted that Ukrainian scientists treat me no better. In this situation, I had no choice but to stop with all sorts of official science communication and to position myself as an independent researcher in the sense that I am free of any ideological dogma and short-term considerations and guided by a desire to know the truth. I hope that future generations of scientists will be able to use the results of my labors. My second hobby is expedition "Dnister" Association which sometimes fit into the project "Alternative Historical Linguistics." Sometimes I write journalistic articles or analysis, as well as trying his hand at literature. Most of my work over time can be found on this site. My biography and memoirs are also presented here separately.

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