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The Urheimat of the Nostratic Languages

The Relationship of the Altaic and Turkic languages. Origin and development.

            Traces of the first people in Europe are found near the village of Vertessölös in Hungary and in the Italian town of Isernia, which are dated back 850-700 years BC . There is a point of view that the southern regions of Eastern Europe were first populated by people of Abbevillian culture about 700 thousand years ago, before Mindel Glaciation. This is the area around the Black Sea, where it was warm even in winter months of the year . However, dating sites found controversial and is not excluded that they belong to the next, Acheul period. Relics of Acheulean culture in the Ukraine were found in several places along the banks of the Dniester, in particular near the villages of Luka Vrublevetska, and Babin . The data about the Acheulian remains in other parts of Eastern Europe are not available. In what was at least two Glaciation and three periods of warming during which the men retreated to the south, then back north again. Anything definite about their role in the ethnogenesis of the modern type of man can be said. In very warm Mindel-Riss interglacial period, ie approximately 400-200 thousand years ago, a man not only settled the south-west Europe (Sites Kasperivtsy, Korman on the Dniester, Peştera Kurate, Ohaba-Ponor Romania, Bojnice in Slovakia and many others), but also penetrated to the Upper Kama, and "In the early and middle Valdai he dwelt on the Pechora" . At the Mousterian epoch, which began about 80 thousand years ago, Neanderthal man, who not belonged to Homo sapiens sapiens, colonized much of Europe, especially Eastern one. Settlements of the Mousterian era with artificial dwellings in Ukraine were found on the Dniester near villages Molodovo, Voronovitsa . In Russia, the most ancient evidence of Mousterian era discovered, in particular, near the hamlet Chelyuskinets on the right bank of the Volga, in tracts Zaikino Popelishche and Sukhaya Mechetka in the Volgograd region . In Hungary, the Palaeolithic sites of the same epoch were found in caves in the north-west of the country and in Transdanubia . Then Grimaldi man of Negroid race appeared , but his fate remains unknown. He could have partially or completely assimilated into the later newcomers, be killed by them, or be forced out to other places of settlements.

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